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The current version as of April 25, 2012 is 4.88j (Windows 32bit) [download here] and 4.63 (DOS). Only current versions of software are supported, all others are provided on an as-is basis.

Trunk88 and all associated software on this Wiki is © W.A. Porrett unless otherwise indicated.




Additional Software

Radio Reference to Trunk88
RR2T88 is a simple utility that can be used to extract the talkgroup data from a trunking system database page and then reformat that data into Trunk88 talkgroup records.
Trunker to Trunk88
TRNK2T88 converts Trunker files to Trunk88 files
Unitrunker to Trunk88
UT2T88 converts Unitrunker files to Trunk88 files
Wipe History download: WIPEHIST (zip)
This is an old copy of Xlat-OSW. It will annotate the output generated by the Dumper, Treport, or (older) TRUNK88 programs.

Reference Material